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VOS 3000 VoIP Switch

VOS 3000 One Installation Available Here One Year Free Support

VoIP Switch Call Capacity One Time Installation Rental/Monthly Buy Now Contact
Vos 3000 1000 CC Available Available Skype: Kueching.voip
Vos 3000 3000 CC Available Available Skype: Kueching.voip
Vos 3000 5000 CC Available Available Skype: Kueching.voip
Vos 3000 10000 CC Available Available Skype: Kueching.voip

VOS3000 version: what you need to know

Before we get into the specifics of the wonderful VOS3000, Softswitch let’s go over the basics of VoIP.
VoIP stands for Voice over Internet Protocol, and it allows you to handle voice information through an internet network. It is much cheaper and more practical than landlines and has many useful features to increase productivity and efficiency. It is tremendously effective and reliable for businesses like carriers and providers.

VOS3000 is a Class 5 softswitch based on VoIP technology, which is often used for IP-to-IP calls. The software manages calls or miscellaneous voice information through an internet network.
Here are the main features of VOS3000 softswitch:

  • Capacity
    Asynchronous message bus; supports 5000 simultaneous calls through media proxy; supports millions of accounts.
  • Stability
    Gateway route backups; optimization of call completing rate; routing based on load balance.
  • Routing strategy
    Routing according to: LCR, area priority, gateway group, preset proportion, period; Routing balance automatically for the same priority.
  • Real time monitor
    Real-time check softswitch status; real-time check online gateway and phone; real-time check current call; real-time check routing gateway quality.
  • Easy to manage
    Support filter, sort feature, quick access to accurate data; Support Import, Export feature (helps saving and recovering data); Support multiple views, allows operator to manage more information at the same time
  • Compatibility
    Compatible with almost all audio coding, G711, G722, G729, SILK, Video Codec VP8
  • Reports
    Offers a multitude of reports: revenue, gateway bill, account balance, mapping gateway, routing gateway, etc.

VOS3000 Feature

Here are some of the major additions that you will find in the VOS3000 version introduce new features as well as improved stability and security.

• Improved database update
• Bugs removed, such as the web server stopping after an upgrade issue
• New dynamic black list
• Minimum consumption for package
• New SIP message transmission
• New SIP display settings
• MySQL binded during installation
• New Supplementary Service Settings for web interface
• When using Value Added Service on phone, control for call is implemented
• New video frame rate and frame size transmission for SIP SDP
• “Time” added to progress bar
• Support for audio codec G729, G711
• Remove “Callee Transfer Billing Mode” on Phone and Mapping Gateway
• Remove “Allow Callee Transfer” on Routing Gateway
• Add callee rewrite rule for Bind Number
• Add Display Number for Bind Number and Active Phone Card
• Add Display Caller ID by Callee Prefix
• Add Create/Delete/Query Bind Number for Web Interface
• Add Supplementary Service Settings for Web Interface
• Add Audio Service Settings for Web Interface
• Add Push DTMF for IVR Interface
• Add Call Transfer (Stander/Enquiry/Instead)
• Add External Interface for Callback and Direct Call
• Add Precision for time and money prompt
• Add Display Number for Phone Card Modify Cluster Synchronization
• Add Dynamic Black List for No Answer
• Add Protect Route Enhance External Interface
• Add Minimum Consumption for Package
• Add video frame rate and frame size transmission for SIP SDP
• Add Fee Rate Time Replace
• Add Ringing at the same time for Phone
• Add SIP Call Forward signal support
• Add System White List Add Dynamic Black List
• Add Media Interrupt Detection for Callback and Direct Call
• Add SIP Display Settings
• Add RTP detection for IVR
• Add Time on Progress Bar
• Add Audio Codec SILK, Video Codec VP8
• Support Report Clean
• Improve Database Update Method
• Divide Web with Main Program
• Support Control for Call Transfer on Phone when use Value added Service
• Callback Support Choose Billing Account by Second Call(Connect/Unconnected)

VOS3000 offers one time installation and monthly rental plan per month. This includes a 24/7 customer service, complete with technicians to help you set it up. Overall, VOS3000 is a stable and reliable choice for your VoIP Softswitch needs!

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